hamper3Valentine is a period many people are spending money to give their loved ones a special gift. As explained in a survey by NRF, an average person spends $142 for the loved ones on gifts, flowers and cards. That is large enough for a gift, and is easy to spend. But if you have lack of bucks for the gift or intend to make it more valuable, here are some suggestions for your gift hampers:

-       Create your own Gift

There are so many gifts that are sold online and are displayed in the shop. Although it is sold cheaply, you don’t have to buy it because it makes an impression that you have not enough time to craft a gift from your heart. Instead of buying a set of gift packed by stores, you can visit it, choose items for your gift separately and wrap it by yourself. You can match the items with your budget and spend your money effectively. It is fair to spend more cash for a gift as it is still match to your loved ones. Visit gift baskets Canberra for more information.


-       Sweetmeats or Not

Valentine is usually close to sweet things, such as chocolates, soft drinks and sweetmeats. If it is too usual, you can change it with another snack and drinks that is still connected to valentine, or closer to the loved ones. Changing up and chocolate bars with juice, sticks and Nutella can be a unique combination for your gift.


-       Put The Surprise Inside

To make your gift more precious, you can give things attached to what he/she love. It is sweeter than sweetmeats indeed, and in many cases it can be enjoyed for longer time too. If he/she love music, you can insert a CD from his/her favorite artist, or compilations of songs about your relationship. Inserting a little bear doll is good if he/she loves the cute things, or a bottle of perfume can strengthen your relationship. Well, it’s a little bit weird to put a baseball bat in your gift, in case he/she love baseball, but you can change it with miniatures or sweetmeats with same theme.


-       Never Forget The Final Touch

A perfect gift should be finished with the perfect words. Don’t forget to write how deep your love is in the card. If you have more creativity, you can design your own greeting card. If it sounds too creepy, you can change it with your favorite quote or lyrics. Use the eye-catchy or his/her favorite colors on ribbon, card and basket to make your gift more beautiful. Wrap it perfectly to show your sincerity on the gift.

However, your gift will be more precious if you can spend time with the loved one. Instead of put the give on his/her door and let go, you can share time enjoying it with your loved one. Spending time together and share stories can perfect your gift, make the moment sweeter and last longer. Happy Valentine.

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